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The South's so-called capital isn't nicknamed Hotlanta for nothing, y'all. Charismatic and lush, Atlanta is a feverish, easy-on-the-eyes cavalcade of culture, cuisine and Southern hospitality.


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Things to Know

Prepare to eat great food, find your inner activist and wander down more than a few Peachtree Streets in the South's friendly unofficial capital, Atlanta.

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Best Neighborhoods

There are many unique quarters to discover in Atlanta beyond its dynamic Downtown. Here are the top neighborhoods to explore to when you visit “The A.”

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Day Trips

Atlanta is the fun-filled gateway to the myriad delights of the American southeast. Here's a guide to the best day trips from Atlanta.

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Money and Costs

Atlanta is an epicenter for film, hip hop and foodie trends with strong southern roots – here's how to visit without breaking the bank.

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Despite its sprawling layout and debilitating traffic, Atlanta is fairly easy to navigate, both with your own set of wheels or on public transportation.

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Free Things to Do

Visiting The A on a budget? Check out these parks, cultural attractions and more throughout Atlanta – all of them totally free.

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Marta - Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority - Underground train station in Atlanta Georgia,  11/16/2016; Shutterstock ID 778758841; GL: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: Getting around Atlanta; name: Bailey Freeman
Marta - Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority - Underground train station in Atlanta Georgia 2016

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6 transport options to help you get around in Atlanta

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