Urban Buffalo Bayou Park offers downtown Houston a green oasis for recreation and beautiful views of the skyline.

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Buffalo Bayou Park

Top choice in Houston

This sinuous 160-acre city park follows Buffalo Bayou west from downtown, with easy pedestrian access and plentiful parking en route. Sweeping views stretch back to the downtown skyline, while assorted areas are devoted to exercise, contemplation, art exhibits and more besides. This beautiful urban green space is very popular with locals who need a fix of the natural world amidst the hustle and bustle of Houston traffic.


Potential activities range from kayak tours with Bayou City Adventures to bike rentals with Buffalo Bayou Rentals. Park highlights include the crowd-pleasing colony of 250,000 Mexican bats under the Waugh Dr Bridge; the Green Tree Nature Area, a verdant walking space nearby; and the Water Works, a former utility site (105 Sabine St) transformed to hold playgrounds, exhibits and information sources. There are some lovely trails along the river, although it's advisable to do them early in the day to avoid stifling temperatures.

Food and drink

A selection of food trucks are parked up at the Water Works on Sabine Street. There are also lots of scenic picnic spots if you fancy bringing your own lunch to the park. Glass containers and alcohol are prohibited.

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