Laid-back, pick-up truck and boot-scooting town meets high-powered, high-cultured and high-heeled metropolis, Texas’ largest city – the fourth largest in the entire US – encompasses everything you’d expect to find in the Lone Star State, and plenty more besides. The energy capital of the world, it’s said to enjoy the nation’s highest standard of living, and all that oil wealth has brought plenty of dividends. Its museums – especially the Menil Collection and the associated Rothko Chapel – are extraordinary, while the dining and entertainment scenes are renowned across the region.

Diverse residential neighborhoods and enclaves of restaurants and luxurious shops spread far and wide, but you can also enjoy down-home fun in abundant pubs, patios and parks. Just be sure you don’t underestimate Houston’s sauna-like summers. And don't forget that one of its main attractions, NASA's Space Center Houston, lies outside the city limits, a 30-minute drive down I-45.

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