Zion National Park

Top choice in Southwestern Utah

A bold desert beauty, this 230-sq-mile park is a highlight of southern Utah. Hikes range from trails traipsing the ridge lines to river wading under steep canyon walls. Many come for a canyoneering experience but there are also family friendly hikes and scenic drives. If possible, enter Zion from the east, following Hwy 9 west from Hwy 89. The route is jaw-droppingly scenic as it rolls through colorful red rocks and a gallery-dotted tunnel before switchbacking 3.5 miles into the canyon.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Southwestern Utah attractions

1. Zion Lodge

3.37 MILES

Whether you plan to stay at the Zion Lodge or not, a visit to this historic lodge, smack in the middle of Zion Canyon, is a must. Although the…

2. Big Springs

3.64 MILES

This fern-fringed spring is a 5-mile hike from the Temple of Sinawava area via the Narrows.

3. Court of the Patriarchs

4.06 MILES

These sandstone cliffs named for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (from the Bible) are a notable viewpoint on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

4. Human History Museum

5.51 MILES

A half-mile from the park's southern entrance station, the Human History Museum presents a modest exhibit of the geological and human history of Zion. A…

5. Zion Nature Center

5.77 MILES

During the summer, many children's programs are held at the Zion Nature Center, just past the South Campground. There is a variety of interactive exhibits…

7. Grafton Ghost Town

9.79 MILES

The freely accessible Grafton ghost town, outside Rockville, achieved its 15 minutes of fame in 1969 as the setting for the bicycle scene in Butch Cassidy…

8. La Verkin Overlook

15.67 MILES

West of Virgin on Hwy 9, before La Verkin, a 1.5-mile gravel-and-dirt road leads south to La Verkin Overlook. Stop for a fantastic 360-degree view of the…