Pine Valley Wilderness Area

Southwestern Utah

Mountains rise sharply in the 70-sq-mile Pine Valley Wilderness Area in the Dixie National Forest, 32 miles northwest of St George off Hwy 18. The highest point, Signal Peak (10,365ft), remains snowcapped till July and rushing streams lace the mountainous area. The St George Field Office provides information and free backcountry permits.

When the desert heat blurs your vision, Pine Valley offers cool respite. Most hikes here begin as strenuous climbs. The 5-mile round-trip Mill Canyon Trail and the 6-mile Whipple Trail are most popular, each linking with the 35-mile Summit Trail.

Pine Valley Recreation Complex, 3 miles east of Pine Valley, has a few pine-shaded campgrounds at 6800ft. They all have water but no showers or hookups; bring mosquito repellent.

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