Brigham Young Winter Home

St George

A tour of the Mormon leader's seasonal home and headquarters, now a historic building and museum, illuminates a lot about early town and experimental-farming history.

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2. Town Square Park

0.29 MILES

The town square has a small fountain that kids can run through and a few other water features to cool off.

3. St George Children's Museum

0.33 MILES

St George has plenty of ‘No’ signs: no touching this, no climbing that, no sitting here and definitely no skateboarding anywhere. So if the kids are…

4. St George Temple

0.83 MILES

The 1877 Mormon Temple, Utah’s first, has a visitor center offering free tours.

5. Dinosaur Discovery Site

2.84 MILES

St George's oldest residents aren't retirees from Idaho, but Jurassic-era dinosaurs. Entry gets you an interpretive tour of the huge collection of tracks,…

6. Jacob Hamblin Home

4.49 MILES

For an evocative picture of the Mormon pioneer experience, head 5 miles north of town to Santa Clara and the 1863 Jacob Hamblin Home, where orchards still…

7. Snow Canyon State Park

8.43 MILES

Red and white swirls of sandstone flow like lava, and actual lava lies broken like sheets of smashed marble in this small, accessible park. Snow Canyon is…

8. Wells Fargo Building

15.47 MILES

In the ghost town of Silver Reef, the restored 1878 Wells Fargo building houses a museum and art gallery. Diagrams of the rough-and-tumble town and silver…