Willow Flats Turnout

Grand Teton National Park

Offers views of a freshwater marsh that's home to birds, moose, elk and beavers, as well as views of Mt Moran, Bivouac Peak, Rolling Thunder Mountain, Eagles Rest Peak and Ranger Peak.

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1. Jackson Lake Dam

1.22 MILES

This 1916 dam has scenic lake views and paved wheelchair-accessible trails at its southern edge.

2. Oxbow Bend

1.43 MILES

One of the most famous scenic spots in Grand Teton National Park for wildlife-watching is Oxbow Bend, with the reflection of Mt Moran as a stunning…

3. Jackson Point Overlook

1.85 MILES

The best vistas in the area. William Jackson took a famous photograph from this point in 1878, when preparing a single image could take a full hour, using…

4. Log Chapel of the Sacred Heart

2.26 MILES

This log-cabin-style chapel, built in the 1930s and renovated in 2002, features rustic stylings and two beautiful stained-glass windows. It's open to…

5. Indian Arts Museum

4.21 MILES

Well worth a visit to peruse pieces from this vast collection, with objects spanning from 1830 to 1940. Artifacts include beautiful beadwork, bags and…

6. Cunningham Cabin

6.46 MILES

Ranchers Pierce and Margaret Cunningham, early major supporters of Grand Teton National Park, cultivated a cattle ranch here in 1890. The abandoned…

7. Snake River Overlook

8.54 MILES

Good panoramas of the Tetons and opportunities for wildlife watching, though forest growth means the photo ops don't match Ansel Adams' immortal shots of…

8. Jenny Lake Overlook

10.11 MILES

Perched on the lake's glacial moraine, this overlook offers good views of the Tetons and tall Ribbon Cascade to the right of Cascade Canyon, and shuttle…