Driggs Geotourism Center


This museum and information center packs a lot of knowledge into a small space. Exhibits on the culture, heritage, food, geology and recreational opportunities of the area inspire you to get out and experience them yourself. There are plentiful maps and brochures, and volunteers to answer question.

An attached climbing gym ($15; 3pm to 9pm Monday to Friday, 1pm to 8pm Saturday and Sunday) offers day passes.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Idaho attractions

1. Grand Teton

15.54 MILES

Crowning glory of the park, the dagger-edged Grand Teton (13,775ft/4199m) has taunted many a would-be mountaineer. The first white men to claim to have…

2. Aerial Tram

16.95 MILES

The 60-passenger tram travels 2.5 miles in 12 minutes to the top of Rendezvous Mountain (10,450ft), offering great views of Jackson Hole. Hikers should…

3. Bridger Gondola

16.95 MILES

Via ferrata, yoga, hiking and paragliding from the headwall (1355ft lower than 10,450ft Rendezvous Mountain). Free evening rides bring diners up to the…

5. Grand Teton National Park

18.91 MILES

Awesome in their grandeur, the Tetons have captivated the imagination from the moment humans laid eyes on them. While their name is often ascribed to…

6. Jenny Lake Overlook


Perched on the lake's glacial moraine, this overlook offers good views of the Tetons and tall Ribbon Cascade to the right of Cascade Canyon, and shuttle…

7. Chapel of the Transfiguration

20.2 MILES

Built in 1924, this chapel has aspen pews and views of the Tetons through the altar window. In summer, Episcopal services are held on Sundays.

8. Menor's Ferry Historic District

20.38 MILES

In 1892, entrepreneurial Ohioan Bill Menor took advantage of this narrow channel in the Snake River and established a homestead, ferry and general store…