Brooklyn Art Library

Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Bushwick

Enjoy an intimate glimpse into the creative minds of artists, both professional and amateur, at Brooklyn Art Library, which has assembled the world's largest collection of artist sketchbooks. More than 41,000 sketchbooks line the walls, containing a wild mix of graphic design, collage, fine art, poetry, irreverent comics and personal essays. Notebooks in baskets on the tables are free for visitors to browse (don't grab from the shelves).

If you feel inspired after paging through a few books, join in on the creative, cathartic fun. You can buy a sketch book ($30 for the 5"x7" book that each artist must use) and fill it with whatever you like; let your imagination run wild or use one of the suggested yearly themes. Once received by the library (you can mail it back from home) it will be added to the collection. Contributors from over 130 countries have added their sketchbooks. For a snappier way to leave your mark, take a picture in the photo booth to add to their collection.

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