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Top choice in Las Vegas

The Bellagio experience transcends its decadent casino floor of high-limit gaming tables and in excess of 2300 slot machines; locals say odds here are less than favorable. A stop on the World Poker Tour, Bellagio's tournament-worthy poker room offers kitchen-to-gaming-table delivery around the clock. Most, however, come for the property's stunning architecture, interiors and amenities, including the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Gallery of Fine Art, unmissable Fountains of Bellagio and the 2000-plus hand-blown glass flowers embellishing the hotel lobby.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

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Bellagio's petite art gallery hosts blockbuster traveling shows from nationally renowned art museums. Free docent-guided tours are usually given at 2pm…

3. Fountains of Bellagio

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