Nickerson State Park

Cape Cod

This 2000-acre oasis has eight freshwater ponds with sandy beaches ideal for swimming and boating, as well as miles of cycling and walking trails. Bring along a fishing pole to catch your own trout dinner or just pack a lunch and enjoy the picnic facilities; book ahead to camp.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Cape Cod attractions

1. Tidal Flats

1.25 MILES

When the tide goes out on Cape Cod Bay, the flats – basically giant sandbars – offer opportunities to commune with crabs, clams and gulls, and to take in…

2. Skaket Beach

1.52 MILES

On the bay side of town, calm Skaket Beach is a magnet for families – kids love wading in the shallow waters to dig for hermit crabs. Its generous sands…

3. Rock Harbor

2.04 MILES

A favorite spot for sunset-watchers, this scenic inlet on the bay has docks and a small fishing fleet, plus a few summertime charter boats offering…

4. Left Bank Gallery

2.25 MILES

The light, the beaches and the sights of the Cape act as an artist's muse – you can see some of the inspired works of local artists at this classy gallery.

5. French Cable Station Museum

2.38 MILES

The first cable connection between Europe and the US was established in 1879 by the French Telegraph Company on a windswept bluff in Eastham. When…

6. Brewster Store

2.87 MILES

The Brewster Store, in the heart of town, is a sight in itself. The old-fashioned country store opened in 1866, and it's barely changed since: penny candy…

7. Brewster Historical Society Museum

3.09 MILES

Brewster's active historical society has moved its impressive collection of local artifacts to the restored 1799 Captain Elijah Cobb House. Visit to see a…

8. First Encounter Beach

3.46 MILES

First Encounter Beach, where Samoset Rd meets Cape Cod Bay, is a fine place to watch the sunset. With its vast tidal flats and kid-friendly, calm, shallow…