Salt Pond Visitor Center

Top choice in Cape Cod

The Salt Pond Visitor Center is the place to start exploring the National Seashore – and it has a great view to boot. Here you'll find exhibits and short films on the Cape's ecology, history and ever-changing landscape. Helpful staff can provide maps to the park's trails, both hiking and cycling, some of which begin right at the center. Ask about the daily schedule of ranger-guided walks, talks, open houses at historic buildings, canoe trips and more (reservations often required).

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1. Schoolhouse Museum

0.12 MILES

The kid-friendly Schoolhouse Museum, across from the Salt Pond Visitor Center, is housed in a sweet, one-room schoolhouse dating from 1869. It features a…

2. Eastham Windmill

0.49 MILES

Eastham’s landmark windmill is the oldest structure in town, although it was actually built in Plymouth (MA) in 1680. It sits in a pretty park by the side…

3. Coast Guard Beach

0.89 MILES

All roads lead to the National Seashore's Coast Guard Beach. The main road from the Salt Pond Visitor Center deposits you here, as do cycling and hiking…

4. Captain Penniman House

1.34 MILES

Near Fort Hill sits the striking Captain Penniman House, an 1868 sea captain’s house topped with mansard roof and an octagonal cupola overlooking both bay…

5. Fort Hill

1.43 MILES

Don't miss the commanding view of expansive Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill. It's a favorite place to be at dawn, but the view is memorable any time of the…

6. Three Sisters Lighthouses

1.73 MILES

While visiting Nauset Light Beach, don't miss this curious trio of 19th-century lighthouses – they were saved from an eroding sea cliff and moved to a…

7. Nauset Light Beach

1.83 MILES

Cliff-backed Nauset Light Beach, north of Coast Guard Beach, is the stuff of dreams. It's broad and sandy and its features and facilities are similar to…

8. Nauset Light

1.87 MILES

Nauset Light is a picturesque red-and-white lighthouse guarding the shoreline at the Nauset Light Beach. Look familiar? You may have seen it on all the…