New Orleans African American Museum


This small museum is in the midst of a $6-million renovation and is closed to visitors, although it still offers Tremé-based walking tours. Before closing, the museum displayed an eclectic mix of exhibits mainly dating from the slavery and Reconstruction eras. Its location alone makes the spot of interest: the Meilleur-Goldthwaite House, aka the Tremé Villa, is the site of the city’s first brickyard and an exemplar of the Creole architectural style. In the back are restored shotgun houses and slave quarters.

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Nearby Tremé-Lafitte attractions

1. St Augustine's Church

0.15 MILES

Open since 1841, ‘St Aug’s’ is the oldest African American Catholic church in the country, a place where Creoles, émigrés from St Domingue and free…

2. Backstreet Cultural Museum

0.18 MILES

Mardi Gras Indian suits grab the spotlight with dazzling flair – and finely crafted detail – in this informative museum examining the distinctive elements…

3. Voodoo Spiritual Temple

0.31 MILES

Mexican crucifix? Check. Tibetan mandala? Ditto. Balinese Garuda? Why not? Miriam William’s voodoo temple is a mash-up of global religions, New Age…

4. Louis Armstrong Park

0.31 MILES

The entrance to this massive park has got to be one of the greatest gateways in the US, a picturesque arch that ought rightfully to be the final set piece…

5. Louis Armstrong Statue

0.31 MILES

This statue of the iconic jazz trumpeter greets visitors as they enter Louis Armstrong Park.

6. Congo Square


In Louis Armstrong Park, Congo Sq was a Sunday gathering spot for slaves under the French Code Noir. For one day of the week, the enslaved could sing the…

7. Lower Bourbon Street

0.46 MILES

At St Philip St, Bourbon shifts from a Dante’s Inferno–style circle of neon-lit hell into an altogether more agreeable stretch of historical houses,…

8. Lafitte Greenway

0.52 MILES

This 2.6-mile green corridor connects the Tremé to City Park via Bayou St John, traversing the length of the Tremé and Mid-City along the way. It's a…