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Nakalele Blowhole

West Maui

The best things in life are free – that certainly applies to West Maui's magical blowhole, which spurts water up to 100 feet in the air, like a geyser. If you don't mind getting wet from the spray, you can get within a reasonable distance and feel this natural phenomenon in full force. But don't get too close – tourists have been sucked into the hole, caught on the slippery rocks in the retreating water and swept out to sea by a large wave.

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1. Nakalele Point Light Station

0.25 MILES

Dating back to 1908, the light station started out as wooden structure with a temporary light on top, then became a watch shelter. It wasn't until 1922…

2. Ohai Viewpoint

1.03 MILES

Accessed via the Kahekili Hwy and an easy 2-mile loop trail, you can enjoy lovely views to the northwest Maui coastline from here.

3. Pohaku Kani

2.31 MILES

Pohaki Kani is a big, basalt boulder sitting inland of the Kahekili Hwy. According to local history, if you hit it with a rock on the Kahakuloa side,…

4. Natural Ocean Baths

2.37 MILES

These natural pools carved into the lava rock, accessed via the Kahekili Hwy, are encrusted with olivine minerals, and the clear pools have become a…

5. Punalau Beach

2.41 MILES

Manicured golf courses and ritzy enclaves drop away and the scenery gets wilder as you drive toward Maui’s northernmost point. Ironwood-lined Punalau…

6. Honolua Bay


Honolua Bay is an advanced surfer’s dream. It faces northwest and when it catches the winter swells it has some of the gnarliest surfing in the world.

7. Mokuleʻia Beach

3.58 MILES

Also known as Slaughterhouse Beach, this cove is excellent for snorkeling, and is a top-rated bodysurfing spot during the summer. Its attractive white…

8. DT Fleming Beach Park

4.26 MILES

Surrounded by ironwood trees and backed by an old one-room schoolhouse, this sandy crescent looks like an outpost from another era. In keeping with its…