Higashihara Park

South Kona Coast

If you have young kids, head north a mile or so from Honalo and enjoy shady Higashihara Park. Its unique Hawaii-themed wooden play structure is both attractive and endlessly climbable. It is on the makai (seaward) side, between Miles 114 and 115.

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1. Daifukuji Soto Mission

0.82 MILES

The first building you see when entering Honalo from the north resembles a cross between a low-slung red barn, a white-roofed villa and a Japanese shrine…

2. End of the World

1.47 MILES

This Mordor-esque lava plain of jagged ʻaʻa rock that crinkles to the deep blue coast then drops steeply into the ocean, lives up to its name. To get here…

3. Donkey Mill Art Center

1.64 MILES

The Holualoa Foundation for Arts & Culture created this community art center in 2002. There are free exhibits, a plethora of locally made art, plus…

4. Keauhou Bay


Many tour cruises launch from the small pier at this protected bay. While not worth going out of your way for, the small beach, picnic tables and sand…

5. Keauhou Kahaluʻu Heritage Center

2.09 MILES

This unstaffed cultural center showcases a few small exhibits on native Hawaiian culture, with a focus on temple building, cultivation, fishing, and holua…

6. Kahaluʻu Bay Education Center

2.56 MILES

Located by Kahalu‘u Bay beach, Kahalu‘u Bay Education Center (KBEC) is a family-friendly educational center that provides teaching and instruction on both…

7. Kahuluʻu Manowai

2.64 MILES

On the former grounds of the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort, just south of Kahaluʻu Beach Park, three restored heiau (temples) and ancient Hawaiian…

8. Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

2.69 MILES

A must for chocolate fans, these one-hour farm tours detail how Hawaiian chocolate is grown, harvested, processed and packaged, followed by chocolate…