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Black Hills

They call the Black Hills an evergreen island in a sea of high-prairie grassland. This stunning region on the Wyoming–South Dakota border lures scores of visitors with its winding canyons and wildly eroded 7000ft peaks. The region's name – the 'Black' comes from the dark ponderosa-pine-covered slopes – was conferred by the Lakota Sioux. In the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty, they were assured that the hills would be theirs for eternity, but the discovery of gold changed that and the Sioux were shoved out to low-value flatlands only six years later. The 1990 film Dances with Wolves covers some of this period.

You'll need several days to explore the bucolic back-road drives, caves, bison herds, forests, Deadwood, and Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments, and to experience the abundant outdoor activities (cycling, rock climbing, boating, hiking, downhill skiing, gold-panning etc). Like fool's gold, gaudy tourist traps lurk in corners.

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