Lake View Cemetery


Beyond University Circle to the east, don't forget this eclectic 'outdoor museum' where President James Garfield rests in an eye-poppingly enormous tower (it's especially grand for a guy who was president for only six months). Other notables include local comic-book hero Harvey Pekar and crime fighter Eliot Ness (who happen to be side-by-side).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Cleveland attractions

1. Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

0.56 MILES

The shiny building impresses, with four stories of geometric black steel, though there's not a lot to see inside. The 2nd and 4th floors have the…

2. Cleveland Museum of Art

0.88 MILES

Cleveland's whopping art museum houses an excellent collection of European paintings, as well as African, Asian and American art. Head to the 2nd floor…

3. Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

2.43 MILES

The 1905 hothouse bursts with cacti, orchids, ferns and irises. On cold days the sultry rooms provide a sweet refuge, and you’ll likely have the place to…

4. World's Largest Outdoor Chandelier

4.57 MILES

Hokey but true: Cleveland owns the world's largest outdoor chandelier. The 20ft sparkler, with 4200 faux crystals, dangles over Playhouse Square and has…

5. Money Museum


Pop into this small gallery inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and you'll emerge richer than when you entered. Literally, since the Money…

6. World's Largest Rubber Stamp

5.08 MILES

The kitschy 'Free' stamp sculpture by Claes Oldenburg is a photo op favorite. Food trucks congregate around it and there are live music performances on…

7. Public Square


Cleveland's centerpiece got a makeover by the firm that designed New York City's High Line. The grassy expanse is a real gathering place now. Kids splash…

8. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

5.21 MILES

Cleveland's top attraction is like an overstuffed attic bursting with groovy finds: Jimi Hendrix's Stratocaster, Keith Moon's platform shoes, John Lennon…