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Coastal Georgia

Georgia's coast isn't as vast as those of the neighboring states along the eastern seaboard, but it's wonderfully wild and unique. Fecund sea islands are lapped by salt tides and peppered with marshes, estuaries and mile upon mile of flat beach. The region has a lost-in-time, almost Gothic, beauty; every corner seems to drip with sweat and Spanish moss, and the low whisper of the Atlantic is never far off.

Those are the nice parts, anyway; swathes of the islands have been manicured into country-club golf courses and shopping centers. But it's not hard to escape these developments and head into the seaside wilds.

Each Georgia island has a distinct character all of its own. Sapelo, Jekyll, the Golden Isles and the town of Brunswick all showcase the beauty of the coastline with a different twist, from humid forests and small-town charm to long horizons over the salt marshes.

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