Sloppy Joe's Bar, Duval Street, Key West, Florida, USA

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Duval Street

Key West

Key West locals have a love-hate relationship with the most famous road in Key West (if not the Keys). Duval, Old Town Key West’s main strip, is a miracle mile of booze, tacky everything and awful behavior – but it’s a lot of fun. The ‘Duval Crawl’ is one of the wildest pub crawls in the country. The mix of neon drink, drag shows, T-shirt kitsch, local theaters, art studios and boutiques is more charming and entertaining than jarring.

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1. Strand Building

0.08 MILES

The historic Strand Theater was one of Key West’s great old-time movie houses, and it was used as a theater in the 1993 film Matinee. Today it’s a…

2. Key West Distilling

0.08 MILES

This tiny craft distiller, basically a one-man operation, creates some excellent rums, two types of vodka (including one with horseradish), one gin and…

3. San Carlos Institute

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Founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles, the San Carlos is a gorgeous building constructed in classical Spanish mission style. The current structure dates from…

4. Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden

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Nancy, an environmental artist and fixture of the Keys community, invites you into her backyard oasis where chatty rescued parrots and macaws await…

5. Studios of Key West

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This nonprofit showcases about a dozen artists’ studios in a three-story space, and hosts some of the best art openings in Key West on the first Thursday…

6. Hemingway House

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Key West’s biggest darling, Ernest Hemingway, lived in this gorgeous Spanish Colonial house from 1931 to 1940. Papa moved here in his early 1930s with his…

7. Key West Lighthouse

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You can climb up 88 spiraling steps to the top of this snowy white lighthouse, built in 1846, for a decent view (perhaps not as enjoyable as it was in the…

8. Casa Antigua

0.29 MILES

This former hotel (known as the Trev-Mor), built in 1919, was where Hemingway and Pauline first stayed after returning from Paris in 1928.