Napa Valley

Like a modern-day Persian palace, Darioush ranks high on the fabulosity scale, with towering columns, Le Corbusier furniture, Persian rugs and travertine walls. Though known for Cabernet Sauvignon, Darioush also bottles Chardonnay, Merlot and Shiraz, all made with 100% of their respective varietals. Call about wine-and-cheese pairings ($75). Bottles cost $40 to $95.

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Nearby Napa Valley attractions

1. Regusci

2.49 MILES

One of Napa’s oldest, Regusci dates to the late 1800s, with 160 acres of vineyards unfurling around a century-old stone winery that makes Bordeaux-style…

2. CIA at Copia

4.39 MILES

The former food museum beside Napa's famous Oxbow Public Market has been revived as a center of all things edible by the prestigious Culinary Institute of…

3. Napa Valley Museum

4.44 MILES

Yountville’s modernist 40,000-sq-ft museum chronicles cultural history and showcases local paintings. Good picnicking outside. From town, it's across Hwy…

4. Oxbow Public Market

4.48 MILES

Showcasing all things culinary (produce stalls, kitchen shops and everywhere something to taste), Oxbow is foodie central with an emphasis on seasonal…

5. Robert Sinskey Vineyards

4.77 MILES

The fabulous hillside tasting room, constructed of stone, redwood and teak, resembles a small cathedral – fitting, given the sacred status here bestowed…

6. RH Yountville

4.85 MILES

The furniture and design chain Restoration Hardware took over this 1904 stone house and garden recently. It's now part wine tasting room, part art gallery…

8. Hess Collection

5.54 MILES

Art-lovers: don’t miss Hess Collection, whose galleries display mixed-media and large-canvas works, including pieces by Francis Bacon and Robert…