Muir Rock

Kings Canyon National Park

On excursions to Kings Canyon, John Muir would allegedly give talks on this large, flat river boulder, a short walk from the Road's End parking lot and less than a mile past Zumwalt Meadow. A sandy river beach here is taken over by gleeful swimmers in midsummer. Don’t jump in when the raging waters, swollen with snowmelt, are dangerous. Ask at the Road's End ranger station if conditions are calm enough for a dip.

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1. Roads End


Six miles east of Cedar Grove Village is the end of the road for cars. A seasonal ranger station issues wilderness permits, sells maps and hiking guides,…

2. Zumwalt Meadow

1.56 MILES

This verdant meadow, bordered by the Kings River and soaring granite walls, offers phenomenal views. In the early morning, the air hums with birdsong, the…

3. Roaring River Falls

2.14 MILES

A five-minute walk on a paved trail (0.3 miles) leads to one of the park’s most accessible waterfalls, a 40ft chute gushing into a granite bowl. In late…

4. Mist Falls


One of the most popular destinations for a day hike from the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon, Mist Falls is an Edenic spot, with massive boulders,…

5. Knapp’s Cabin

2.93 MILES

During the 1920s, wealthy Santa Barbara businessman George Knapp built this simple wood-shingled cabin to store gear in during his extravagant fishing and…

6. Cedar Grove

4.75 MILES

Cedar Grove, at the bottom of Kings Canyon, is the last outpost of civilization before you reach the rugged grandeur of the Sierra Nevada backcountry. The…

7. Grizzly Falls

8.89 MILES

The base of these 80ft falls is a short walk from Hwy 180, about 4 miles west of Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon. There's a picnic area here with bathrooms.

8. Monarch Wilderness Area

10.89 MILES

A stunning wilderness area 44,000 acres in size and bisected by the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway (Hwy 180). Monarch includes dramatic, high-elevation alpine…