Dunes Center

Central Coast

In Guadalupe, learn more about the 'Lost City of DeMille,' the ecology of North America's largest coastal dunes, and the mystical Dunites who lived here during the 1930s back at downtown's small Dunes Center museum.

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Nearby Central Coast attractions

1. Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve

4.48 MILES

Five miles west of Guadalupe at Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve, enormous Egyptian-esque film sets from Cecil B DeMille's 1923 Hollywood epic The Ten…

2. Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove

11.31 MILES

Numbers have been dwindling but, for now, thousands of black-and-orange monarch butterflies still make their winter home in this eucalyptus grove just…

3. Presqu'ile

13.72 MILES

Come for the wine, stay for the architecture, the views and the (occasional) live music. The sweeping panorama across this relative newcomer's vineyard to…

4. Talley Vineyards

14.53 MILES

Unpretentious, value-priced wines set among rolling hillsides, with vineyard tours ($10, including wine-tasting flight $20 to $40) by appointment.

5. Kynsi Winery

15.02 MILES

Small, family-run vineyard pours cult-worthy Pinot Noir inside a cozy brick tasting room.

6. Chamisal Vineyards

15.69 MILES

In a rust-colored barn tasting room, tipple hand-crafted, small-lot wines grown mostly organically.

7. Sextant Wines

16.03 MILES

Boisterous tasting room pours different varietals from Edna Valley and Paso Robles, with a tiny gourmet deli.

8. Avila Valley Barn

16.39 MILES

At this rural farm stand and pick-your-own berry farm, you can park alongside the sheep and goat pens, lick an ice-cream cone, then grab a basket and walk…