Marble Viewpoint

Kaibab National Forest

A favorite of the many Kaibab National Forest overlooks, this viewpoint makes a hauntingly spectacular picnic or camping spot. From the bald 1-acre hilltop – covered with Indian paintbrush and hiding Coconino sandstone fossils – views extend over the eastern edge of the canyon to the paper-flat expanse beyond. This is not a quintessential Grand Canyon overlook that you'll see in postcards; you’re looking down to where the Colorado first cuts into the rocks at Lees Ferry.

From Hwy 67, head east on Forest Rd 610 and follow the signs. The point is about 18 miles from the highway, and the road seems to end at a less-impressive overlook; take the narrow road through the woods to the right about 300ft to Marble Viewpoint proper. Dispersed campsites are scattered along the treeline back from the overlook itself.

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