Angels Window

Grand Canyon National Park

A natural arch in the Kaibab limestone with killer views from on top.

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1. Cape Royal


Strategically located on the southernmost tip of the North Rim high above the great westward turn of the Colorado River, Cape Royal takes in almost every…

2. Walhalla Glades Pueblo

1.05 MILES

Around 900 years ago, as the growth of the village on Unkar delta outpaced its farming output, a group of Ancestral Puebloans established a summer…

3. Bright Angel Point

7.69 MILES

An easily accessible overlook that gives unfettered views down into Bright Angel Canyon: a maze of mesas, buttes, spires and side canyons. The South Rim…

4. Grand Canyon National Park North Rim

7.99 MILES

Grand Canyon's remote, wild and forgotten North Rim is far less developed, and sees far fewer visitors that its southern counterpart. In part this is due…

5. Lipan Point

7.99 MILES

Lipan Point offers expansive panoramas and views of both the Colorado River and the Unkar Delta, the seasonal home of the Ancestral Puebloan people from…

6. Grand Canyon Lodge

7.99 MILES

Enter the front door of the lodge and see...the Grand Canyon, somehow looking even larger framed by the massive windows of the sunroom. Built in 1937 out…

7. Moran Point

8.05 MILES

With river views and an excellent panorama of the canyon's geologic history, this is one of the park's most striking and dramatic overlooks. A placard on…

8. Shoshone Point

8.16 MILES

Walk about 1 mile along the mostly level and shaded dirt road to marvelously uncrowded Shoshone Point, a rocky promontory with some of the canyon’s best…