Totem Square


An exposed grassy plaza close to the O'Connell Bridge and ANB Harbor, anchored by the famous Baranov totem topped by a carved image of Alexander Baranov (1790–1818), the founder of both old and modern Sitka. Lower down, a two-headed Russian eagle has also been carved on to the pole. The totem was commissioned in 1942 and fully restored in 2011.

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Nearby Sitka attractions

1. Tlingit Clan House

0.05 MILES

A beautiful Tlingit clan house, more impressive outside than in, that hosts regular performances from the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Dancers in the summer.

2. Alaska Pioneers Home

0.06 MILES

Across Katlian St from the Totem Square is the prominent, yellow Alaska Pioneers Home. Built in 1934 on the old Russian Parade Ground, the home is for…

3. Castle Hill

0.07 MILES

Walk west on Lincoln St for the walkway to Castle Hill. Kiksadi clan houses once covered the hilltop site, but in 1836 the Russians built ‘Baranov’s…

4. Blockhouse

0.08 MILES

A replica of the small blockhouses that the Russians utilized to protect their stockade from the Indian village, this octagonal wooden fortification was…

5. Princess Maksoutoff’s Grave

0.14 MILES

At the top of Princess Way lies Princess Maksoutoff’s Grave, marking the spot where the wife of Alaska’s last Russian governor is buried. A strategically…

6. St Michael's Cathedral

0.15 MILES

Built between 1844 and 1848, this church stood for more than 100 years as Alaska’s finest Russian Orthodox cathedral. When a fire destroyed it in 1966,…

7. Russian Cemetery

0.23 MILES

Old headstones and Russian Orthodox crosses lurk in the overgrown and quintessentially creepy Russian Cemetery (located at the north end of Observatory St…

8. Sitka Historical Museum

0.28 MILES

Within Sitka's recently rebuilt Harigan Centennial Hall, the town history museum was undergoing a full renovation at last visit. It was due to reopen in…