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Hearing travelers’ tales, you half expect to find lotus-eaters and mermaids lounging about. At first, though, Homer’s appeal isn't evident. It sprawls and is choked with tourists, it lacks legendary hikes and it has a windswept waterfront that makes kayaking a slog. And then there’s the Homer Spit – a tourist trap you may love to hate.

Stick around, however, and Homer will make you a believer. For one thing, there’s that panorama, and the promise that it holds. And the vibe: the town is a magnet for radicals, artists and folks disillusioned with mainstream society, who’ve formed a critical mass here, dreaming up a sort of utopian vision for their city, and striving – with grins on their faces – to enact it.

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$725 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Classic Bear Viewing Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Scenic Bear Viewing, Homer, AlaskaAt the meeting time, given the day before, we meet at 3636 Faa rd Hangar #7. At the hangar we will fit you for waders, show where we are going on a map and complete the aircraft safety briefings. We will go to Lake Clark NP or Katmai NP not both. Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, AlaskaAt Lake Clark or Katmai. In Lake Clark NP, we land on the beach at Silver Salmon Creek or Chinitna Bay. Walk to where the bears are, observe and take photos, eat our lunch. On the way back we normally do a flight-see over glaciers and volcanos, weather permitting. Duration: 5 hoursStop At: Katmai LodgeWe go to Lake Clark or Katmai National Park. Land on the beach at Hallo Bay. Fully guided walking tour to where the bears are. Observe and take photos. Eat our lunch and we normally do a longer flight-see on the the way back to Homer.Duration: 7 hours

$662.20 Private & Custom Tours


This tour will take us to the major sites of the Peloponnese, both ancient and modern, from the Homeric city of Mycenae to the Corinth Canal. The kingdom of Mycenae was one of the first great centres of the Greek culture and settlement on this site dates back to the second millennium BC. According to Homer, Mycenae was the seat of Agamemnon, who led the Greeks against the Trojans to take back Helen, the wife of his brother Menelaus. The ruins of the ancient city are famous for the amazing “Cyclopean walls” - so named because the later Greeks thought that only a Cyclops could move such huge rocks into place. You will see the Lion Gate, which formed the entrance to the royal court and palace. Nearby there are the tombs of legendary figures such as Aegisthus and Clytemnestra.We will also travel to Epidaurus in order to see the famous theatre there. Built in the 4th century BC, it is famous for its acoustics - they are so perfect that words spoken on stage can be heard perfectly wherever you are in the audience.Stepping forward in history, we will see the Palamidi Castle in Nafplio, built by the Venetians and famous for supposedly having 999 steps. According to legend, there were once 1000 steps leading to the castle, but one of them was crushed by Theodoros Kolokotronis, a leader of the Greek war of independence, when celebrating a victory against the Ottomans.Finally, our journey to the Peloponnese will take us across the Corinth Canal. Completed in 1893, a huge feat of technology at the time, it finally opened up the shipping route between the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth and separated the Peloponnese from the mainland, effectively turning it into an island.

$6400 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Full-Day Sightseeing and Bear Watching Trip

Meet your guide at the Homer airport for your departure. Sign a waiver and listen to the safety briefing before taking to the skies on a 45-90 minute flight depending on which national park you visit. Visit Katmai or Lake Clark National park, depending on the conditions and where bears have been spotted.Land on the beach at the park and walk one to two miles from the beach to a vantage point to observe the bears in their natural habitat. Watch them play, mate, eat, and fish in their natural habitat.After about three hours observing the bears, board the plane and take off to another location for more observations. The tour concludes back at the Homer airport.

$695 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Alaska Bear-Viewing Day Trip from Homer

Board a Bush Plane at Homer Alaska Airport for a small-group trip to Katmai National Park & Preserve or Lake Clark National Park (depending on weather and Bear activity), both of which offer unparalleled bear-viewing opportunities. The exact location will change throughout the season as Alaska's coastal brown bears follow their food source, which moves from sedge meadows and clamming in the spring to chasing wild salmon later in the summer. Fly past glaciers and volcanoes en route to your destination  Upon landing, prepare to hike up to 3 miles (4.8 km) over uneven, soft, or muddy terrain to  views of grizzlies roaming and hunting for food in their natural environment — sightings guaranteed.  You'll spend approximately 3 hours on the ground in this wild bear habitat and learn from your guide about safe viewing practices along the way. Then hop back aboard your aircraft for the return flight to your starting point. Please note: fish products and bear spray of any kind are prohibited on this tour.

$398.47 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Luxury Tour of Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus & Canal From Athens!

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Corinth Canal, Corinth, Corinthia Region, PeloponneseVisit the Isthmus Canal, one of the most important projects and 19th century engineering masterpieces, playing a catalytic role for the Mediterranean trade.Visit Ancient Diolkos, a paved trackway in Ancient Greece which enabled boats to be moved overland across the Isthmus of Corinth.Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Archaeological Site Mycenae, Mycenae, Argolis Region, PeloponneseRich in gold! King Agamemnon's mythical kingdom sung in Homer's epics. It is the most important and richest center of the late Bronze Age.The Lions Gate: The main entrance of the Bronze age citadel of Mycenae erected during the 13th century BC.Grave Circles A and B: Royal cemeteries situated to the south of the Lion Gate and outside the Bronze Age citadel.The Cyclopean Walls: The main characteristic of the Mycenean walls is that they are made of huge limestone boulders. Only the mythical Cyclopes had the strength to move the enormous boulders that made up the walls of Mycenae and Tiryns.The Royal Palace: Consisting of domestic apartments, the Throne Room Suite, the Grand Staircase, a collection of rooms for officers or palace officials and the Forecourt.The Treasury of Atreus: A large tholos or beehive tomb constructed during the Bronze Age around 1250 BC.Tomb of Clytemnestra: A Mycenean tholos type tomb built in 1250 BC named after Clytemnestra the wife of king Agamemnon and leader of the Greeks in Trojan war.The Mycenean Archaeological Museum: The most important Mycenean artifacts are exhibited here. You will be dazzled by the gold grave goods, burial masks, jewellery, weapons, worship idols and frescoes.Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Nafplio National Gallery, Nafplio, Argolis Region, PeloponneseA seaport town in the Peloponnese. A charming town with a spectacular waterfront, small cobblestone streets and historic buildings, crowned by the Palamidi fortress and the Bourtzi fortress. The town was the first capital of the modern Hellenic Republic after the 1821 War of Independence against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire.Palamidi Castle: Nestled on the crest of a 216 m high hill, this Venetian built fortress commands an impressive view over the Argolic gulf. There are 999 steps to the top of the castle! Climb them if you must!Freedom Square: Thanking the French for their contribution in our War of Independence against the Ottomans, an obelisk is erected here depicting a French and a Hellenic woman in their struggle for Liberty. Bourtzi: The water castle of Bourtzi is a Venetian fortress located in the middle of the harbor.Constitution Square: The most important and historic square in Nafplion. The square is named after the Constitution that Otto, the first king of Greece was obliged to grant after the 3rd of September uprising in 1843. First Hellenic Parliament: Strolling down the old world near Syntagma square you will find an imposing mosque. Built in 1730 with a large hall and characteristic dome, the mosque housed the first Hellenic parliament from 1825 until 1826.Anastasios of Nafplia church: Located in the old world you will be impressed by the church's dome and the wall paintings decorating the spiritual interior. A true Christian Orthodox religious pragmatism. St.Spyridon church: It was here outside this church one of the blackest events in modern Greek history took place. The assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Greek Governor in 1831!Lunch at one of the many unique traditional tavernasAntica Gelateria di Roma for the best gellato and Italian delightsPergamonto for the best 'loukoumades'in Greece (puff balls with honey or chocolate and almond nuts)Stroll amongst the town's shops where you can treat yourself and buy handmade souvenirs for your family and friends.Duration: 5 hoursStop At: Epidaurus Archaeological Museum, Epidavros, Argolis Region, PeloponneseOne of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece! Located on the NE side of the Peloponnese in the region of Argolis.The Epidaurus amphitheatre: Famous for its classic Greek construction and astounding acoustics. Enjoy the arts! Be captivated by the theatrical performances from Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes and Aeschylus. Drop a pin or coin on the stage... it will be heard even if you are sitting at the last seats of the theater.The Epidaurus Archaeological Museum: Noted for its reconstructions of temples and its columns with inscriptions. The Asclepius: The sanctuary dedicated to the ancient Greek demi-god of medicine Asclepius. A marvelous ancient medical retreat.Duration: 3 hours

$318.55 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Private Luxury Nemean Wine Tour, Ancient Nemea & Mycenae from Athens!

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Archaeological Site Mycenae, Mycenae, Argolis Region, PeloponneseMycenaeThe Lions GateGrave Circles A and BThe Cyclopean WallsThe Royal PalaceThe Treasury of AtreusTomb of ClytemnestraThe Mycenean Archaeological MuseumDuration: 2 hoursStop At: Ancient Nemea, Nemea, Corinthia Region, PeloponneseNemeaThe Temple of Zeus / JupiterThe Ancient bathsThe ApodyteriumThe Ancient Stadium CryptThe starting gridThe Archeological MuseumThe Wine RoadsDuration: 3 hoursStop At: Cooperative Winery of Nemea, Nemea, Corinthia Region, PeloponneseWine Tasting ExperienceVineyards and Winery tourWine tasting SeminarEnjoy awarded wines and a home cooked mealDuration: 3 hours