Fort Seward


Alaska’s first permanent military post is reached by heading uphill (east) at the Front St–Haines Hwy junction. Built in 1903 and decommissioned after WWII, the fort is now a National Historic Landmark, with a handful of restaurants, lodges and art galleries in the original buildings. A walking-tour map of the fort is available at the visitor center, or you can just wander around and read the historical panels that have been erected there.

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Nearby Haines attractions

1. Alaska Indian Arts Center

0.11 MILES

Indigenous culture can be seen in Fort Seward in the former military-post hospital, home of the Alaska Indian Arts Center. During the week you can watch…

2. American Bald Eagle Foundation

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3. Sheldon Museum

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5. Dalton City

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7. Jeff Smith's Parlor

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Soapy Smith’s old den of iniquity has recently been renovated by the National Park Service to keep the rose-tinted legend of the erstwhile conman alive…

8. Arctic Brotherhood Hall

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The most outlandish building of the seven-block historical corridor along Broadway St, and possibly the most photographed building in Alaska, is this…