This canal-side pedestrian-zone development presents a mix of cafes and kid-friendly activities, including an outdoor amusement park and an inside soft-play area called Kids Fun House. Unsurprisingly it's super popular with promenading families in the evening. Boat rides also launch out onto the lagoon if you want to see the city skyline from the water. Come in the evening, but avoid Friday and Saturday nights if you don't like crowds.

Art fans should also check out the bright and cheerful mural by Tamila Schubert, which decorates the pedestrian bridge across the canal, and head to the Maraya Art Centre, if it's hosting an exhibition while you're in town.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sharjah attractions

1. Maraya Art Centre

0.06 MILES

If you're interested in modern art, it's worthwhile checking Maraya's website to see if there's an exhibition on while you're in town. This art centre has…

2. Shakarchi Mural

0.18 MILES

Street-art fans should make a short detour from the Al Qasba waterfront area to view this joyous mural by British-Iraqi artist Marwan Shakarchi of…

3. Al Majaz Waterfront

0.83 MILES

This park at the bottom of the Khalid Lagoon fills with strolling families, roller-skaters and power-walkers after sunset. The main attraction are the…

4. Al Noor Island

0.97 MILES

Paths meander past art sculptures amid landscaped gardens on this island across a bridge behind the Al Noor Mosque. The main draw is the wavy-roofed…

5. Al Noor Mosque

1.08 MILES

Among the most beautiful of Sharjah's 600 mosques, with its architecture based on traditional Ottoman design, Al Noor has a dream setting overlooking the…

6. Sharjah Maritime Museum

1.23 MILES

For a salty introduction to the UAE, visit this charming museum that displays enough traditional dhows (cargo ships), exhibits on pearling and fishing…

7. Sharjah Aquarium

1.27 MILES

Close-up views of maritime creatures from the UAE's west and east coast – without getting your feet wet. Moray eels lurk, blacktip reef sharks prowl,…

8. Eye of the Emirates

1.58 MILES

This 60m-high observation wheel is the place to head for bird's-eye views of the Sharjah skyline. Hop into one of the 42 capsules here to do a full circle.