If you can build a ski slope in the desert, why not a rainforest too? The Green Planet is an indoor tropical paradise intended to 'edutain' about biodiversity, nature and sustainability. More than 3000 animals and plants live beneath its green canopy, including birds, butterflies, frogs, spiders and snakes. The latest addition is a bat cave on the 4th floor. The small fruit bats can be hard to spot; if possible visit at 2pm when they are fed.

One of the great aspects of Green Planet is being able to get up so close to animals, including sloths, iguanas and chameleons, as well as the birds, such as the magnificent toucans. Kids can also pick up an Explorer's Kit, which includes binoculars, a cool canvas bag and an activity book (Dhs55).

The four-storey ecosystem is anchored by a giant fake tree covered in plants that will grow across it over time, making it look more like the real thing. The building itself also has green credentials and has received global LEED certification.

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