In the early 1900s this historical area was Dubai's trading hub, during a period when the pearl diving industry was being developed. Stretching some 1.8km along Dubai Creek, the developers have divided the area into two distinct areas: one sharply contemporary, with buildings that resemble piled-up shipping containers, and the other with an Old Dubai neighbourhood feel thanks to the rough-hewn facades, narrow alleyways and faux wind towers.

Creekside Al Seef is a lovely place to wander and is rapidly becoming home to an anticipated 500 shops and restaurants. A floating market should also have appeared by the time you read this, as well as outdoor spaces for cultural and musical events plus other attractions.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Bur Dubai attractions

1. Museum of Illusions

0.06 MILES

Opened in September 2018, this museum is fast becoming a favourite for families and Instagram fans, with several of the 'illusions' frankly looking a lot…

2. National Bank of Dubai

0.41 MILES

In 2007 the National Bank of Dubai merged with Emirates Bank to form Emirates NBD, but its headquarters remains in this shimmering landmark overlooking…

4. Coffee Museum


This cute private museum in a historic Emirati home offers an aromatic bean-based journey around the world and back in time. Learn about the importance of…

5. Majlis Gallery


Dubai's oldest fine-art gallery was founded in 1989 by British expat Alison Collins and presents mainly paintings and sculpture by international artists…

6. Al Fahidi Historic District

0.53 MILES

Traffic fades to a quiet hum in the labyrinthine lanes of this nicely restored heritage area formerly known as the Bastakiya Quarter. Its narrow walking…

7. XVA Gallery

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Tucked into the Al Fahidi Historic District since 2003, XVA has a knack for ferreting out top-notch up-and-comers from around the Middle East and India…

8. Coin Museum

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This is a highly specialised museum which will appeal to anyone with an interest in rare and historic coins. Located near the Diwan Mosque in the Al…