Ukraine is dotted with 'open-air' museums like this, full of life-size models of different rustic buildings. However, the Pyrohovo Museum of Folk Architecture, 12km south of Kyiv, is one of the most fun and best maintained.

Two things make it stand out. Firstly, the quaint 17th- to 20th-century wooden churches, cottages, farmsteads and windmills are divided into seven 'villages' representing regional areas of Ukraine. So in just one long afternoon you can journey from the architecture of eastern to western to southern Ukraine.

Secondly, in summer workers enact different village roles, carving wood, making pottery, doing embroidery, and driving horses and carts. There are restaurants, pubs and stalls selling barbecued shashlyk (shish kebab). The place is perfect for kids.

Throughout the year Pyrohovo hosts various festivals – the biggest is during the countrywide Ivan Kupala festival. Ukrainian musicians play on weekends.

The museum is near Pyrohovo village. From Vystavkovy Tsentr metro station take marshrutka 172, which stops right by the entrance. Marshrutky 3 and 156, as well as trolleybus 11, stop at the turn-off to the museum. A taxi will cost about 100uah one way.

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