Top choice Church

in Tekkale & Dörtkilise

The enchanting ruins of this 10th-century Georgian basilica are domeless and decaying but monumentally large, atmospherically mossy and photogenically poised above a remote, sloping meadow. The soaring majesty of its triple-naved form becomes apparent from inside where you'll also see some very faded murals. Around the main church lie three other ruinous monastic buildings: a former seminary (northwest), refectory (west) and two-level burial chapel (southeast).

The site is 13km from Yusufeli, 6km off the İspir road, turning north at Tekkale village. The access road is initially unsurfaced but newly asphalted after 3km. If you reach the end of this asphalt you've gone a little too far – turn around and the church will become apparent.