Must-see attractions in Kaş

  • Antiphellos Theatre

    Antiphellos was a small settlement and the port for Phellos, the much larger Lycian town further north in the hills. The small Hellenistic theatre, 500m…

  • Liman Ağzı

    If you're after a full day on the beach, the best idea is to hop on one of the water taxis in Kaş harbour and head for one of these three beaches on the…

  • Büyük Çakıl Plajı

    For swimming, head for 'Big Pebble Beach', a relatively clean beach 1.5km southeast of Kaș town centre. Although it's largely pebble-based, there's a few…

  • King's Tomb

    Walk up hilly Uzun Çarşı Sokak, the Roman-era road that locals call Slippery St, to reach the King's Tomb, a superb example of a 4th-century BC Lycian…

  • Rock Tombs

    Above Kaş several Lycian rock tombs in the mountain wall can be seen even at night, when they are illuminated.

  • Halk Plajı

    This pebble beach on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, with views of Meis, has sunloungers, umbrellas, toilets and a cafe. It's 2km west of Kaș.

  • Akçagerme Beach

    Akçagerme Beach is a small public beach opposite the exit to Gökseki, along the main road west to Kalkan; it's 3km from Kaș.

  • Küçük Çakıl Plajı

    'Little Pebble Beach' is the nearest proper beach to the centre of Kaş. It gets packed all summer.

  • Hellenistic Temple

    Fenced-off fragments remain of ancient Antiphellos' once-glorious Hellenistic Temple.

  • Yeni Camii

    The Yeni Cami is uphill from Kaş' main square.