Lycian Sarcophagus


A good example of a Lycian sarcophagus, standing in the middle of Kaya Caddesi

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Nearby Fethiye attractions

1. Tomb of Amyntas


Fethiye’s most recognisable sight is the mammoth Tomb of Amyntas, an Ionic temple facade carved into a sheer rock face in 350 BC, in honour of 'Amyntas…

2. Fethiye Museum

0.18 MILES

Focusing on Lycian finds from Telmessos as well as the ancient settlements of Tlos and Kaunos, this small museum exhibits pottery, jewellery, small…

3. Yeni Camii

0.18 MILES

Fethiye's new mosque is a useful landmark in the centre of town.

4. Crusader Fortress

0.25 MILES

On the hillside above (and south of) Fethiye and along the road to Kayaköy, you can't miss the ruined tower of a Crusader fortress, built by the Knights…

8. Eski Camii

0.47 MILES

Fethiye's tiny old mosque is squeezed between souvenir shops and cafes in the bazaar district.