Patara beach in Antalya province of Turkey.

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Patara Beach

Turquoise Coast

Backed by large sand dunes, this splendid, 18km-long sandy beach is one of Turkey's best. Due to its length, you can find a quiet spot even in the height of summer. Sunshades (₺10) and loungers (₺10) can be rented and there's a cafe for when you get peckish. Depending on the season, parts of the beach are off limits as it is an important nesting ground for sea turtles. It closes at dusk and camping is prohibited.

You can get here either by following the road for 1km past the Patara ruins to the busy main section of the beach, or by turning right at the Golden Pension in Gelemiş and following a somewhat rough road which heads for the sand-dunes area along the western side of the beach, where it's far quieter. Between May and October, half-hourly minibuses (₺3) run from the highway through the village to the beach. If you plan to visit a few times, buy a multi-visit Plaji Pass long-stay ticket allowing 10 entries over 10 days. In summer, ask your pension owner about accompanying the students who count the turtles' eggs at night.

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