Turquoise Coast

On a rocky outcrop high above a pastoral plain, Tlos was one of the most important cities of ancient Lycia. So effective was its elevated position that the well-guarded city remained inhabited until the early 19th century. As you climb the winding path to the ruins, look for the acropolis topped with an Ottoman fortress. Below the ticket kiosk are the ruins of the stadium, its central pool suggesting it was used for social and ritual activities as well as sports and games.

Beneath the fortress are rock tombs, including that of the warrior Bellerophon, of Chimaera fame. It has a temple-like facade carved into the rock face and to the left a fine bas-relief of our hero riding Pegasus, the winged horse.

The site's theatre, 150m across the road from the ticket office, is in excellent condition, with most of its marble seating intact; the stage wall has been rebuilt. Opposite the theatre are ruins of ancient baths (note the apothecary symbol – snake and staff – carved on an outer wall on the south side) and basilica.

From Fethiye, minibuses travel to Saklıkent via Tlos (₺9, 45 minutes) every 20 minutes. Some services travel directly to Saklıkent, in which case you can get off at the junction in the village of Güneşli, from where the site is a 4.5km hike (uphill all the way).

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