Must see attractions in Fethiye

  • F
    Fethiye Museum

    Focusing on Lycian finds from Telmessos as well as the ancient settlements of Tlos and Kaunos, this small museum exhibits pottery, jewellery, small…

  • Ç
    Çalış Beach

    About 5km north of Fethiye's centre is Çalış, a narrow stretch of gravel beach lined with concrete hotels as well as pubs and chip shops patronised by…

  • T
    Tomb of Amyntas

    Fethiye’s most recognisable sight is the mammoth Tomb of Amyntas, an Ionic temple facade carved into a sheer rock face in 350 BC, in honour of 'Amyntas…

  • C
    Crusader Fortress

    On the hillside above (and south of) Fethiye and along the road to Kayaköy, you can't miss the ruined tower of a Crusader fortress, built by the Knights…

  • R
    Roman Theatre

    In the centre of Fethiye, just behind the harbour, is Telmessos' 6000-seat Roman theatre dating from the 2nd century BC. Neglected for years, it's…

  • E
    Eski Camii

    Fethiye's tiny old mosque is squeezed between souvenir shops and cafes in the bazaar district.

  • A
    Atatürk Statue

    Triumphantly driving his steed, Atatürk presides over the Fethiye waterfront.

  • L
    Lycian Sarcophagus

    A good example of a Lycian sarcophagus, standing in the middle of Kaya Caddesi

  • Y
    Yeni Camii

    Fethiye's new mosque is a useful landmark in the centre of town.