Bursa, Turkey - November 19, 2021.Muradiye Mosque - Bursa.From the construction inscription on the Muradiye Mosque door arch, II. It is understood that it was built by Murat in 1425-26. It is the last sultan's mosque built in Bursa and the first example of the monumental, multi-unit sultan mosques to be built later. Unlike previous mosques, the two main domes of this mosque are of equal height. The entrance ceiling of the mosque, the lower part of the walls of the main room; It is decorated with dark blue and turquoise colored hexagonal tiles. One of its two minarets was destroyed in the earthquake of 1855 and was rebuilt. The minaret in the northwest corner is old and the other is new.

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Muradiye Mosque

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The architectural genius of Mimar Sinan is well and truly on show at this exquisite mosque, which was commissioned by Sultan Murat III and constructed between 1583 and 1585. After admiring its twin minarets and front portico, enter through the ornately decorated door – a triumph of inlaid wood and marble – and you'll be confronted by one of the most beautiful of all Ottoman mosque interiors, with a profusion of İznik tiling and delicate stained glass.

The interior owes much to the work of Sedefkar Mehmed Aga, architect of İstanbul's Blue Mosque, who was one of the two architects who supervised the mosque's completion – its tiled mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca) is particularly beautiful.

There's a pleasant garden courtyard in front of the mosque with clean public toilets (₺1).

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