Izmir, Turkey - January 29, 2023 Kordon Street view in Pasaport District and historic tram


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It’s difficult to imagine life in İzmir without its iconic seafront kordon (promenade), which stretches north from Cumhuriyet Meydanı to Alsancak and south from Konak Pier to Konak Meydanı. A triumph of urban renewal, these two stretches are grassed, have bicycle and walking paths, and are lined on their eastern edge with bars, cafes and restaurants. Locals flock here at the end of the day to meet with friends, relax on the grass and watch the picture-perfect sunsets.

A number of museums and attractions are located on the kordon, including the Zübeyde Hanım Museum Ship, the Arkas Art Centre and the Atatürk Museum. There are also bicycles for hire, and horse-drawn carriages sometimes offering short tours on weekends.

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Nearby İzmir attractions

1. İzmir Mask Museum

0.25 MILES

Tucked away in an old house on a street filled with bars, this little museum spread over three floors has an esoteric collection of ceremonial and…

2. Atatürk Museum

0.25 MILES

Built as a carpet merchant's residence between 1875 and 1880, this stately white building ended up in state hands after the shocking events of September…

3. Arkas Art Centre

0.62 MILES

Occupying a handsome 1906 building that functioned as the French consulate until 2010, this arts centre hosts temporary exhibitions with an Aegean accent…

4. St John's Cathedral

0.77 MILES

İzmir retains a number of churches that are still used by the Christian faithful, including this 1874 building on Montro Meydanı that was partly financed…

5. Kültürpark

0.82 MILES

The 1922 fire destroyed much of the town centre between Alsancak and Basmane, which had been a Greek neighbourhood for centuries. Today the area contains…

6. Atatürk Monument

0.83 MILES

Dedicated to the Turkish War of Independence, this 1932 monument in Cumhuriyet Meydanı features a sculpture of Atatürk on horseback by Italian sculptor…

7. Parachute Tower

0.83 MILES

This huge, ugly and largely disused fairground attraction is a handy navigational aid when exploring the Kültürpark.

8. İzmir Museum of History & Art

0.84 MILES

This museum is overlooked by many visitors to the city, who do themselves a great disservice in the process. Spread over three pavilions, it is one of the…