Museum of the Princes' Islands

Princes’ Islands

Relegated to an isolated site next to Aya Nikola Beach on the southeastern side of the island, this excellent museum is often overlooked by visitors but we highly recommend making the effort to get here. Multimedia exhibits focus on the history and culture of the Adalar and cover every aspect of island life, including geology, flora, religious heritage, food, architecture, music, festivals and literature. Interpretative panels and videos are in both Turkish and English, and there are objects galore to admire.

To get here from the iskele (dock), head towards the clock tower and then straight ahead before turning left into Çınar Caddesi, right at the first fork into Alparslan Caddesi and then right at the second fork into Malül Gazi Caddesi and onto Yılmaz Türk Caddesi. The museum is located next to the Yıldırımspor Kulübü Deneği sports club. It's a pleasant 3km walk or a ₺30 fayton ride.

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