Hacılar Cami


This 15th-century mosque is located just behind Cumhuriyet Alanı (Republic Sq).

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Nearby Bursa attractions

1. Bursa City Museum

0.05 MILES

This lively museum, very popular with local families, chronicles Bursa's history from the earliest sultans, their military campaigns and their ornate…

2. Atatürk Statue

0.07 MILES

Central Cumhuriyet Alanı (Republic Sq) is also called Heykel (statue) after this large Atatürk monument.

3. Bursa Valılıǧı

0.07 MILES

The Bursa Valılıǧı is a convenient landmark on Cumhuriyet Alanı (Republic Sq).

4. Karaşeyh Cami

0.07 MILES

One of Bursa's historic mosques, just south off Atatürk Caddesi.

5. AVP Theatre


Stately theatre named after Ahmet Vefik Pasa (1823–1891), a Greek-Ottoman statesman who was briefly (for four months in 1878) the Grand Vizier of the…

6. Eski Belediye

0.15 MILES

The stately Eski Belediye stands between Atatürk Caddesi and Bursa's flower markets.

7. Orhan Gazi Cami

0.18 MILES

Orhan Gazi Cami is centrally located near Bursa's sprawling central markets.

8. Koza Han


The finely restored Koza Han, with its leafy inner courtyard filled with cafes, is the most popular place to break your market explorations. The…