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Northern Tunisia

Northern Tunisia may just be the country’s most underappreciated region. Not only does it have some of Tunisia’s finest and most secluded beaches, but it’s also home to extensive forests, rugged hills that drop precipitously into the glinting blue Mediterranean, and rolling farmland that’s lush in winter, golden in summer and studded with wildflowers in between.

Heading south from Tabarka along narrow, winding roads takes you into the Kroumirie Mountains, thick with cork oak and potential for hiking. The main town is Ain Draham, a one-time colonial hill station that’s high enough to get snow in winter.

The region is also home to Tunisia’s most intriguing Roman sites: the subterranean villas of Bulla Regia; the ancient Chemtou quarries, renowned for their unique yellow marble; and the ancient port of Utica (Utique), all bearing testimony to the ingenuity of these illustrious ancestors.

Check travel advice before travelling to Chemtou; the British Foreign Office currently advises against nonessential travel to the area.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Northern Tunisia.