Korba Lagoon

Lagoon in Korba

Separated from the sea by a thin streak of white sand, Korba's long, narrow lagoon follows the coast for 8km. This dark-blue stretch of water is one of the best birdwatching areas in Tunisia, and the wetlands attract a spectacular wealth of bird life. In spring, the lagoon becomes dappled in pink as flamingos amass; other species sighted include egrets, storks, gulls and occasionally larger birds of prey. Twitcher organisation Association Les Amis des Oiseaux (www.facebook.com/AAO.tn) sometimes runs tours.

Like other agricultural towns on Cap Bon, Korba seems to ignore its main drawcard for tourists at its own peril: the northern side of the lagoon is lined with car-repair shops, and a wooden boardwalk that cuts across the water is missing several planks.