Ksar Joumaa

Historic Building in Ksour Country

Joumaa is as good a ksar (Berber granary) as you could hope to find, with a splendid remote setting. It's almost a street of ghorfas (grain stores) at the end of a rough track leading up from the village of Joumaa. It’s easy to spend an hour or so exploring them. Look out for unusual motifs on some of the ceilings. An archway leads to an inner courtyard and the ruins of the old kalaa (hill fort).

The ksar is signposted from the road outside Joumaa village – the turning is about 1km before Joumaa on the left if you've come on the road from Medenine (1km after on the right if you've come from Beni Kheddache). It's possible to reach Joumaa on a louage (shared taxi) running between the two towns.