Signpost at Deliplein.



Once home to the largest red-light district in Europe, Katendrecht is now one of Rotterdam’s culinary hotspots. The Deliplein is a small plaza right behind the Fenix Food Factory that houses more than 20 restaurants and bars, including upmarket steakhouse CEO and bohemian bar Café De Ouwehoer. The Theater Walhalla on the plaza's western edge sometimes stages performances in the middle of the square.

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1. Verhalenhuis Kaap Belvédère

0.15 MILES

Rotterdam's City Stories Centre is dedicated to collecting, studying and exhibiting intangible heritage. Changing exhibitions and oral history…

2. Nederlands Fotomuseum

0.27 MILES

This national institution has a collection of over five million photographic images, and its upstairs gallery highlights curated selections from this…

3. Cruise Terminal

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Much of the Holland-America Line infrastructure in Rotterdam was destroyed during the 1940s bombings, and replaced directly after the war. This terminal…

4. De Rotterdam

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Designed by OMA, whose star architect Rem Koolhaas is a Pritzker-winning local hero, this 'vertical city' with its three interconnected towers was…

5. KPN Telecom Headquarters

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Designed by celebrated architect Renzo Piano and opened in 2000, the bizarre KPN Telecom headquarters building leans at a sharp angle, seemingly resting…

6. Wereldmuseum


Inside the 19th-century Royal Yacht Club building, this ethnographic museum celebrates multiculturalism. Mainly closed for renovation when we last visited…

7. Erasmusbrug

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A symbol of the city, this graceful pylon bridge dubbed 'the Swan' was designed by architect Ben van Berkel and completed in 1996. It spans 802m across…

8. Maastoren

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Commissioned as the Dutch headquarters of Deloitte, the 165m Maastoren was designed by Dam & Partners and was the tallest building in the Netherlands when…