De Rode Hoed

Western Canal Ring

Occupying three glorious 17th-century canal houses – which once sheltered the Vrijburg, the largest clandestine church in the Netherlands – this cultural centre offers lectures, sometimes in English, by world-renowned authors and debates on the topics of the day, as well as concerts; check the agenda online. The centre was named for the former milliner located here (spot the identifying tile on the facade). Cards only, no cash.

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1. Huis Met de Hoofden

0.05 MILES

A whimsical example of Dutch Renaissance style, this 1622 canal house designed by Hendrick de Keyser and his son Pieter has a beautiful step gable with…

2. Greenland Warehouses

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The distinctive red-shuttered Greenland Warehouses were built in 1620. Whale oil was a sought-after ingredient for soap, lamp oil and paint, and wells…

3. Van Brienenhofje

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This charming hofje (courtyard) was named in the late 18th century for Jan van Brienen, who bought the Star Brewery located here, one of 13 breweries in…

4. Amsterdam Cheese Museum

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It's a tourist ploy, but a good-humoured one. The main floor is a cheese shop with abundant free samples. The basement floor contains a small 'museum'…

5. Amsterdam Tulip Museum

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Allow around half an hour at this diminutive museum, which offers an overview of the history of the country's favourite bloom. Through exhibits, timelines…

6. Multatuli Museum

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Better known by the pen name Multatuli (Latin for 'I have suffered greatly'), writer Eduard Douwes Dekker is most recognised for Max Havelaar (1860), his…

7. KochxBos

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A converted apartment living room now houses this art gallery displaying contemporary underground (aka North European low-brow or pop surrealism)…

8. Noorderkerk

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Near the Prinsengracht's northern end, this imposing Calvinist church was completed in 1623 for the 'common' people in the Jordaan. (The upper classes…