500px Photo ID: 91627775 - Just a colorful view on the 'Rijksmuseum' with tulips in Amsterdam last summer, typically dutch. Heavily filtered to smoothen the image and bring the colors out... Maybe a bit much, but I like it :)

Dennis van de Water / 500px

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Jordaan & the West

Allow around half an hour at this diminutive museum, which offers an overview of the history of the country's favourite bloom. Through exhibits, timelines and two short films (in English), you'll learn how Ottoman merchants encountered the flowers in the Himalayan steppes and began commercial production in Turkey, how fortunes were made and lost during Dutch 'Tulipmania' in the 17th century, and how bulbs were used as food during WWII. You'll also discover present-day growing and harvesting techniques.

There's a great collection of tulip vases designed to accommodate separate stems, and a gift shop overflowing with floral souvenirs.

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