Khao Takiab

Hill in Hua Hin

About 7km south of Hua Hin, monumental Chopstick Mountain guards the southern end of Hua Hin beach. A steep road curves to the top of the 77m-tall mountain, passing the seafood market, and takes you to Wat Khao Takiab, a Thai-Chinese temple with nothing architecturally special, but great views back to the city. Down on the edge of the beach is a large, much-photographed standing Buddha.

The resident monkeys are not to be trusted – they do bite. Don't tease them and it's best not to even carry any plastic bags or drink containers. There's a designated feeding area next to the temple where food is sold.

Hua Hin's green sŏrng·tăa·ou stop in Khao Takiab village, 1km away, but you can negotiate with the drivers to go to the temple; an extra 50B to 100B per person one-way will probably be enough.