Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Rescue Centre & Elephant Refuge

Top choice in Hua Hin

This centre, 45km northwest of Hua Hin, cares for over 700 animals, including bears, tigers, gibbons, macaques, loris and birds. There's also an affiliated elephant-rescue program where the elephants live chain-free. A visit here is great – far better than the elephant and tiger tourist traps featured on many tours out of Hua Hin. The centre offers full-access tours introducing animals and discussing rescue histories. The full-day option includes a meet-and-greet with elephants. Drop-in visits are not allowed.

One of the most active groups trying to improve the animal welfare situation in Thailand, the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand runs this wildlife rescue centre that adopts and cares for abused, injured and abandoned animals that cannot be released back into the wild.

Hotel transfer from Hua Hin or Cha-am costs 200B per person and there's also a small lodge (per night including meals 4000B) on-site. Those looking for a more in-depth experience can volunteer at the centre.

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