Rajabhat University

Udon Thani

This is Udon Thani's largest university.

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Nearby Udon Thani attractions

1. Prince Prajak Monument

0.09 MILES

Udon Thani was founded by Prince Prajak, brother of King Rama V, and his name is attached to many spots in town, most notablly Nong Prajak Park. Many of…

2. Fountain

0.33 MILES

This fountain, only turned on in the late afternoon and early evening, lies at the centre of one of Udon's biggest roundabouts.

3. Clock Tower

0.55 MILES

Udon's digital clock tower stands in the centre of a roundabout and is a useful landmark.

4. Sanjao Pu-Ya

0.81 MILES

This large Chinese temple on the southern shore of Nong Bua lake attests to the wealth of the local Thai-Chinese community. At its heart, the Pu-Ya Shrine…

6. Lak Meuang (City Pillar Shrine)

1.07 MILES

Udon's city pillar is guarded by an impressive and fearsome-looking yaksa (giant) and protected by an ugly plastic case. The Chinese săh·lah alongside it…

7. Udon Thani Museum

1.22 MILES

Filling a 1920s colonial-style building that used to be a girls' school, this museum has a fairly interesting catch-all collection ranging from geology to…

8. Wat Phothisomphon

1.39 MILES

The centrepiece of this historic temple, founded during the reign of King Rama V, is a modern gold-and-grey chedi built to honour several revered monks…